November 27, 2016


When you face a sudden death of someone close to you, the immediate shock
occupies all of your mind, cannot think of anything else, and as the passing of 
time ease the pain of the shock little by little, you begin to look for ways to clear 
the dark cloud in your mind.
That was what happened to me when I lost a close friend, a singer-song writer.
A little after his death, I wrote a lyric, and his son-also a singer-song writer-added
music to it. I helped the son to hold a concert every year for the past ten years, 
and just yesterday we had a party to celebrate the tenth year. For the occasion, I 
made an illustration with the lyric.

November 24, 2016


Heisei Islands - photo haiga

Japan has its own naming of the era. 
Every time a new emperor inaugrates, his era gets a new name. The present era is called Heisei, which means peace settling in and out of Japan.

This is the 28th year of Heisei, and it is ending soon. I had an errand in the city areas the other day, and had chances to photograph a few scenes of the Heisei era.

Heisei era -
no mystery for
a girl on the train

Heisei era -
traditional roles dies hard
in a new family

Heisei era -
no longer wabi-sabi
but "kawaii (cute)"

Heisei era -
gentle demeanour of
a pierced guy