August 6, 2015

Tokyo Olympic logo

There is this news concerning the logo mark of the Tokyo Olympic 2020.

There are conceptual differences between the above logos. For ordinary people, though, these appear to be alike.
If I were to design the Olympic logo, the one below is what I would do. I used the initial T, and add dynamic movement to express an athletic event. The T consists of two connecting rings, which corresponds to the connected rings of the Olympic mark.

June 7, 2015

Google Sketch - Grand Canyon, USA

I walked into a narrow path that led deep into the canyon. Sounds of civilization fading. Wind bringing occasional faint murmuring of river. Upon a stone I sat, and brought out my Ryuteki, a bamboo flute for Gagaku music, from my backpack. The sound of flute, high and low, drifted in the pristine air, and soon was absorbed by the great silence of the canyon.

Great silence -
twisted and bent times
flow in it

Google image

June 3, 2015