December 25, 2010

Haiga 458 Snow Country haiga

Haiku by myself. Photo by Vytautas Serys.

I can almost hear someone in the car yelling, " Hey, close the window, shut the cold wind out".
This photo reminded me of Kawabata, Yasunari's "Snow Country". The haiku got a hint from the first sentence of the novel.

When I had chance to visit the same snow country, which is in Niigata, I took Jyoetsu Shinkan-sen train. It is the super express train with fixed window so nobody cannot open it. When a long tunnel ended, snow covered fields and mountains of Echigo-Yuzawa sprawled before my eyes. It was so nice to view such a pristine landscape from the warm and comfortable seat of the train.


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Area 17 said...

I love train related haiku! ;-)

dark morning...
the sushi bar opens up
for the train station

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Ed. Masaharu Hirata
Osaka, Japan (2009)
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Tokyo Bullet train -
only three corners
to my bento box

World Haiku Review
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winter timetable-
the late train leaves behind
half a school trip

1. Blithe Spirit vol.17 no.1 (March 2007)
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