January 18, 2011

Haiga 479 Ramona Linke haiku

Haiku by Ramona Linke of Germany. Photo by myself.
Ramona san sent me a batch of her haiku. She is a painter herself, and I can identify with what she writes in the haiku.
For the photo, I used a thin rice paper and crumple it lightly. "Lightly" is the key here to show the proper crumpleness. Also, lighting is important; details should be visible both in high-light and shadow areas.


Area 17 said...

I love the relationship of the haiku and artwork!

Alan, With Words

kuni_san said...

Thank you, Alan, for commenting each one of the new haiga.

kuni_san said...

Haiku is about moment sometimes. The same is true with haiga. The moment I glanced at this crumpled paper laying by me, I knew i could use it for Ramona san's haiku.The haiga was done in about 10 minutes.