January 31, 2011

Haiga 490 Santoka haiku

Haiku by Taneda, Santoka. Artwork by myself.
Santoka was always on the road. Being a stranger wherever he went, I am sure that many times he was being barked at on the way. And at the same time, we can appreciate many layers of meaning in this haiku.

Yesterday, newly married couple came to see me. I congratulated them again, and presented a framed version of the storyboard "Well Done". The momiji tree in this story was planted by the groom's father who passed away a few weeks ago, Jan. 9 this year.


Henrique Pimenta said...

se o objetivo
é latir

kuni_san said...

Yes, objetivo. Barking is what a dog is good at. What this guy should learn is when to bark and when not to.

Area 17 said...

Amazing, it reminds me of the styles during the Modernist movement.


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