February 2, 2011

Haiga 492 Yosa Buson haiku1

Haiku by Yosa Buson. Artwork by myself.
Yosa Buson is one of the big three haiku masters, the other two being of course Basho and Issa. Among the three, I feel strong affinity to Buson for he was a great painter, too, and I admire his paintings. He specialized in Chinese style painting, which was very popular in his time.

In this haiku, Buson noticed a rule of the nature, that is, color white is tend to be canceled by light of similar color, in this case by the moonlight. In the haiga, I made the ume blossoms almost inconspicuous, letting the branches stand out more. Ume tree can best be drawn by sumi brush so that was my choice of tool.


Area 17 said...

Incredible artwork, it pulls me in.

Alan’s Area 17 blog

Natalia Zalesińska said...

Wonderful image and haiku.
This blog is relaxing for me.
I greet.


kuni_san said...

Thanks for the comments, Alan san, Natalia san.
Natalia san, are you the same Natalia who used to submit haiga for WHA haiga contest?

Natalia Zalesińska said...

Kuni san :)
I'm not that direction Natalia.
I write poems.
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