March 27, 2011

Haiga 554 Garry Gay haiku --New direction

Haiku by Garry Gay. Artwork by myself.

The magnitude of the disaster this time is forcing many to reconsider the way things has been done in Japan. I am hoping the reconsideration will lead to good changes in the society.

What we should remind ourselves is that Japan archipelago, after all, rests on an unstable earth surface, like on soft tofu, or on fluffy bed. Whatever measures we have taken to avoid natural forces are basically "guessing". Forces that maintain the earth is so enormous that sometimes they exert power far beyond our guessing, however intelligent it is. And the earth does not have mind like us. When the earth needs to move, it just moves, without any consideration for those who live on it. Based on these premises, we need to review the way we have done in government, politics, industry, commerce, agriculture, energy, distribution, communication, transportation, and many others.

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Area 17 said...

These are all good points kuni_san, especially in the light of recent developments at Fukushima.

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