March 14, 2011

How we normally are--visually expressed 2

My artwork, done also sometime ago, and again, the interpretations are up to you.

The earthquake this time was caused by the sudden movements of earth's plates under the sea. The earth is constantly accumulating stress and time to time the stress must be released to maintain the healthy state. In this sense, the earth is a living thing just as we are. Disaster from our point of view, and recovery from the earth's point of view.

When the earth moves, our balance is disrupted. That is how the bigger system works, and we human just have to accept it.

Tsunami swells...
how I wish
I were a bird


Devika Jyothi said...

Catastrophic changes -- Earth gaining balance so vital for continuance of life,

Good representations both this and the earlier Kuni-san -- it is in the face of calamities we see both the vulnerability and strength in us as human beings,


Gwil W said...

Good wishes to you and the people of Japan. Already 60 countries have volunteered help, including China. Maybe some good will come out of this and the long standing wounds in the relations between your country and your neighbour China will finally heal. I hope so.

Apropos "I wish I were a bird" -
I recall just after the earthquake there was a woman who said that something happened just before it:

the sky darkened
and then the crows
were restless, excited

This sudden darkening of the sky before an earthquake is also mentioned in the account of Christ's crucifixion.

Area 17 said...

Love the artwork! ;-)

The news over the radiation issues is shocking.

I feel the Japanese people have been let down regarding nuclear reactor failsafes.

The Japanese people have been magnificent in their community spirit and calmness when queueing for food etc...

Be well kuni_san,

all my very best,


Area 17 said...

magnolia moon
fukushima needs petals
for everyone's heart

Alan Summers
I am hoping that current news that the radiation is very minor is true and accurate. The news keep saying different things, it's so frustrating.


In parts of Japan, the leaves of magnolia obovata are used for wrapping food and as cooking dishes.

In Japan, kōboku, is used for medicinal purposes similar to Chinese medicine, and known as hou po (厚朴) such as for anti-anxiety.

Unknown said...

Kuni_san, I have been thinking about you and the people of Japan. My heartfelt prayers go out to you all.


Linda Brazeau