December 26, 2011

Haiga 721 Snowman haiku 7

Haiku by Akito Arima (Japan). Artwork by myself.
Snowman lives short time in winter. When snow falls, children eagerly go out and make snowman, who receives much attention then, but soon gets forgotten.That is Arima san's observation, and it is rather sad. However, there's more to the story. When the next winter comes, snowman pops up everywhere, making children happy again.

We are like snowmen. We are born into this world, live the life, and pass away. Some belief thinks it is the end of the story. Some other belief thinks that one will reborn, born into this world again, just like snowman. I am one who believes the later blief.


Jessica Tremblay said...

These snowmen are so cute!

kuni_san said...

We human are cute, too, when we are born.

Gabi Greve, Japan said...

Thanks for this wonderful collaboration.
I love the haiku by Arima sensei!


with yukidaruma