May 15, 2012

Haiga 822 - Matsuo Basho haiku

Haiku by Matsuo Basho. Artwork by myself.

I made this haiga long time ago, when I was into strange illustrations and was not sure what haiga was. Looking at it now, I feel that I was not really off the mark. It is strange, but seem to convey the mood of the haiku.

Dewdrops are favorite theme to those who view this world is a fleeting one, and us existing only for a moment. That is a Buddism idea. That is one way of viewing the world. However, things in the world, including the world itself, could be viewed differently.

Things themselves are themselves, nothing more or less. It is our mind that see different aspects of a thing, and that is a good thing. That we see different aspects is one good quality of the freedom of mind. When our vision hardens, we loose the freedom.

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