May 18, 2012

Haiga 825 - Jim Kacian haiku

Haiku by Jim Kacian (USA). Artwork by myself.

This is one haiga I made when I was intrigued by the software called Photoshop. This was like more than 10 years ago. I used to think that two graphic softwares, Illustrator and Photoshop, were a mighty pair for creative people. I still think so, and continue to use them.

So, Jim and I go way back, just about the same number of years as with the software. It was him who first informed me of haiku scene in Japan when he visited me my town. I did not know anything about it then, whereas he was well informed in it. He already had many Japanese haijin friends like Ban'ya Natsuishi and Ikuyo Yoshimura, who also became my friends.

Ever since, I have been walking on a haiku path, meeting more people on the way.

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