October 31, 2008

Tokyo Poetry Festival 2008

Tokyo Poetry Festival 2008 is held from today through 11/2

I did all the visuals for this event, including poster, flyer, book cover, website, and such.
The above image is one of the visuals. It is to be projected on the back wall of the stage.


Alan Summers said...

The festival looks great, as does the artwork of course! ;-)

With Words

kuni_san said...

Alan san: Nice to hear from you.
It has been so long since we disbanded on the Haijinx Project, and stopped communicating.
I am still with haiku and things related.

Alan Summers said...

Dear Kuni-san,

It looks like we still both very active with haiku. ;-)

It's good to hear from you again after all this time. I haven't heard from anyone from Haijinx for many years except for Carmen, and that must have been a year ago at least. ;-)