January 29, 2009

Haiga 159

Haiku by Santoka, Taneda of japan
Santoka is known for his short free-verse haiku.


Poet in Residence said...

This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite websites. It's almost a daily ritual to visit here and look at these wonderful haiku-pictures.
Today's poignant haiku and the illustration completes a fine piece of work, and it's all so relevant to our uncertain times. Well done, yet again!


I try to emply whatever the style of visual expression suitable to each haiku.
In oldern days, when haiku poets used the same brush and ink to write their haiku to draw picltures for the haiga. Since then, we the contemporary Japanese have seen all sorts of artistic expressions, mostly from the western world. I like to use whatever we have learned to convey the feel of the haiku. This is the kind of spirit that Basho had advocated.

get zapped said...

Very cool take. Love the haiga. Nicely done.