March 12, 2009

Haiga 177

Haiku by Ikuyo Yoshimura of Japan.
Spring is just a few steps away.Cats, dogs, plants, and us, all getting ready for it.

Here is my haibun:

A Spring Day

Three cold days and four warm days. That is how the month of March is like around here. A little warmer, a little colder, acquiring warmth with each small step. Spring comes slowly.
Today is one of the warm four days, and a holiday. I awake early. As I walk up to my studio, I notice ume flowers are blooming. A pair of bush warblers are busily sucking the nectar, not minding my presence. I observe for a long while, sharing their joy of having a fresh breakfast.

Decorated by flowers
and visited by birds,
this aged ume branch

I check my e-mail. The daughter of a recently deceased haijin has sent me written permission to use the haijin's haiku for my haiga. I upload the haiga on my website. I then read haiku submissions from overseas. As I peruse, some ideas for the haiga begin to come. I gather tools and necessary references, and spend engrossed hours making haiga. Three haiga materialize and two do not. All the while I have the FM radio on, tuned in to the usual music station.

A mega-hit song
after so many springs
still stings my heart

Suddenly, light falls on my working desk, almost spotlighting me in a dim room. It turns out to be the early evening sunlight reflected on a neighbor's window. Time to go home. I notice the air is much cooler. It looks like tomorrow will be one of the cold days.


John McDonald said...

enjoyed this day with you

Poet in Residence said...

"I observe for a long while..." is the clue here.

Linda Brazeau said...

It is amazing the gamut of emotions that can be felt in a day - your haibun captured this beautifully.


kuni_san said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Spring sky,
two clouds coming together
and then part