March 31, 2009

Haiga 191

Another haiku by Buson.
Sakura flowers are blooming everywhere now in most parts of Japan. People go out and hold picnic under the sakura trees. In most cases, they stop for a few minutes to admire the blossom and the next moment start drinking, singing songs, clapping hands, and forget about the beauty above them. I am pretty sure Buson was not attending such picnic when he wrote this haiku.
I will be out town for a few days. The next posting is on April 4.


Linda Brazeau said...

beautiful image and thoughtful haiku by one of the masters.


kuni_san said...

If Buson was alive in this era, I am sure he would take up computer graphic like me and made his haiga. He was very keen to the new trend of painting and its techniques in China then.

Raquel said...

Lovely page. I enjoyed the visit.

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