March 29, 2009

Poem+image 01

The poem is by Octavio Paz of Mexico. He is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 1990.
I picked this particular poem, because each one is short and has the feel of haiku. All together, the poem could be appreciated as a Renku (chained haiku). Haiku is the source of my inspiration in making artworks most of the time, but I do get inspired by poems like this time to time.
Click the image to see a large version.


John McDonald said...

love this kuni san

Linda Brazeau said...

very nice images - interesting poems.

RBroeker said...

This is great.

Best wishes

Alenka said...

A great poem (haiku) indeed, and true.

dull grey sky
under the blue umbrella
a spring star


Kuni san,
I enjoy your images a lot, as always! Many best regards,


Alenka said...

My good friend and I
in a rainy spring day
even/yet yawn at one time


Alenka said...

Face to face
a raindrop on his cheek
and a tear on her

Yes, two "a" in the word verification (and another combination as well)
Cannot stop thinking about coincidence(s) ...

Ah, it has just changed to another interesting one ... :)

kuni_san said...

I am looking for poems like this. It is rather difficult for me to find poems formed like a Renku. If anybody can refer them to me, I am grateful.

For Alenka-san's haiku, here is a renku to follow.
On dark wet earth
stars of white Sakura petals

kuni_san said...

Face to face,
I, after all these years, see me
in you.