April 5, 2009

Haiga 193

Haiku by Dee Evetts of USA & UK.
I saw Evetts-san, but I did not know who he was then because I was not involved with haiku and haiga making at that time. I was in Manhattan, met a friend of mine, and he invited me to Spring Street Haiku Club, where Evetts-san was leading a Kukai. Cor van den Huevel was among the haijins gathered there. I was just there as a casual observer, but at one time Evetts-san asked my opinion on a certain haiku shared there. He probably thought I knew something of haiku since I am a Japanese. Yes, he was right. Many Japanese know a thing or two of haiku, but only in Japanese language. Haiku written in foreign language is practically unknown to most Japanese, including myself. This experience in NY inspired me and a few months later I began to write haiku in English.


RBroeker said...

I like this image as a picture and a verse. Very concentrated, but for all that warm. In my eyes breeze and things like that are blue: thanks for opening a new view on that.

Best wishes

Poet in Residence said...

I like the simplicity and clean line of this one. Learning from you I have a feeling that haiku pictures should avoid clutter.

John McDonald said...

loved this haiku when it first appeared and your illustration fits like a glove