April 26, 2009

Haiga 202

Yet, another haiga from Basho's journy book.
English translation:
Gathering as it goes
all the rains of June, how swiftly
the Mogami flows!
It is interesting that June here is actually May in original writting. This happens because in Basho's time, people here were usig the lunar calender.
I have never seen the Mogami river, but I have no problem in appreciating the haiku, What I do is abosorbing the essence of the haiku and visualizing it. The historical and geographical aspect of the haiku play undeniable part in appreciating the haiku. However, if you only stay with them, the appreciation remains rather limited. When you grasp the essence of the haiku, you will be free from all kinds of limitations.

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Linda Brazeau said...

Nicely done - the image depicts the sense of fullness representing haiku.