May 16, 2009

Haiga 211-Basho

Haiku by Basho Matsuo. From "Narrow Road to Oku"
"high clogs" here are one-blade wooden wares. They are rather heavy, too. Certainly not a suitable ware to trek on the mountain path, but waring them is a part of the spiritual training.
Perseverance is the point.
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I wrote a report(Japanese and English) on WHA Japan Conference. The report, along with photographs and such, is on the following webpage now.


RBroeker said...

He's got the whole world in his hands - seen in a different way. Nice Haiga, Kuni san.

Best wishes

kuni_san said...

Basho intended this journey as an oppotunity to find a breakthrough in the art of haiku. He was probably ready to receive whatever he could receive, from heaven or from anywhere. And eventually he got what he wanted, I think.