June 20, 2009

Basho Haiku scroll

The Japanese calligraphies I am using for my haiga have been assembled in the form of a scroll. It is about 15m(16.4yds.)long. The scroll was prepared by a friend of mine, who plans to sing the haiku and the story of Oku in Japanese style, accompanied by traditional Japanese musical instruments. He now wants me to add paintings on the scroll. It is already in scroll and is of rice paper so no redoing is possible. I am now painting carefully, and sometime boldly.


John McDonald said...

sounds exciting - good luck

RBroeker said...

Yes, John is right. Seems to be a fascinating experiment. Looking forward to the result.

Best wishes

kuni_san said...

Yes, I need all the luck I can gather.
I am almost half way through now.

bandit said...

I was going to say "don't think",
but I think you know that.

Roy Lindquist said...

This is just beautiful "nate kire nate sho"
from Norway
Fujieda Teruo