June 28, 2009

Haiga 245-Basho

Haiku by Basho. From "Narrow Road to Oku"
I happend to eat a snack (apple chips). Its name is Ama no Kawa (River of Heaven, or Milky way)
It is produced and sold by a Japanese company called Basho-An (Basho hut) loacated in Yamagata, where Basho passed through in his journey.The snack tasted very good. Here is the URL:http://www.bashoan.co.jp/
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Alan Summers said...

Gorgeous image!

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kuni_san said...

Someone commented that "Redly, redly" may not be a proper translation. It is too literal, he said. The original haiku says "Aka aka to". Aka means red, hence the translation, perhaps. But "Aka aka" actually means "bright, flaring"