August 9, 2009


I attended a symposium "The Future of Intangible Cultural Heritage"
The event was held in a hall within the Nara Park (famous for deers), co-sponsored by UNESCO and Asahi Newspaper. The photo is taken near the entrance of the hall.

Intangible summer sky
the cool of its blue


RBroeker said...

Very pure. Inspires at once.

so much blue
in the golden section
so clear the green

Best wishes

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for the memories of Nara!


Maxine said...

beautiful - I could walk into both the poem and the photo.

twistedangel said...

The poem is as refreshing and clear in its depiction of beauty as the photo itself.

Gillena Cox said...

roof tops--
the tree tops nearer
the sky

much love

Anonymous said...

Hi kuni_san,

I could drink from your haiga and enjoyed it very much:

intangible summer sky
the green in the pine needles

blue sky
the black eyes of the deer