October 9, 2009

something different

I recently learned that there was a genre of literature called 50-word story.
I tried one and added a haiku.


Poet in Residence said...

In the mornings as I am about to begin to shave the strange man in the bathroom mirror takes a disposable razor in his left hand and places its cutting edge gently but firmly against his soaped neck. Some mornings when the mirror is foggy we wave to each other.

Linda Brazeau said...

Kuni_san, I love it!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

very interesting new genre - aside haibun and tanbun.
I have to keep an eye on this kind of poetry.
I enjoy learning new forms of poetical expression.

Best wishes

RBroeker said...

I agree to Rudi's comment. And I like this work a lot.

Just a thought: why not formatting the dialogue without blank lines? It would show three parts clearly: picture, prose and haiku.

This sort of literature with the story in the haiga is a great cross-over and worth a new name. Unfortunately "haibunga" sounds a bit strange, but ...

Best wishes

Poet in Residence said...

Sorry, Kuni san, I had to dash away as I was bravely trying to follow your example of making a 50-word story and haiku. And I knew I had a haiku written on a piece of paper but goodnesss...where? At last I have found it.

foggy morning
over the volcano
birds flying high

Poet in Residence said...

Kuni san, I have now promulgated your 50-word haiku/story challenge on my blog. I think it's an excellent way to stimulate the old grey matter and to overcome occassional writer's block and periodic brain fug and other such obstacles to creativity.

kuni_san said...

I am surprised at the number of comments for my new trial.
I am glad you guys are interested.