February 15, 2010

Haiga 314

Haiku by Darko Plazanin: Lived in Samobor and works in Zagreb as a warehouseman. His haiku verses had been, among others, translated into Japanese, English, German, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Flamanian and Irish language. He was one of the most represented Croatian haiku poets abroad. He is one of my favorite haijin, too.


Devika said...

Lovely haiga, Kuni san :)


Poet in Residence said...


Anonymous said...

Strong image. It's a good subject of haiku to show that always something is resting.
Best wishes

RBroeker said...

The changing of the colours from the table to the leaves shows how much of heaven is in this scene. That makes me think a lot, Kuni_San.

Best wishes

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for nice comments.
What i enjoy about haiga making is, I make my own image based upon my interpretation, and the image usually satisfies the haiku author. This, however, is not the case all the time. One time, a haijin from Australia submitted a haiku about his beloved baby daughter. I made an image of the child too fat that the haijin was completely unsatisfied. I still think the image conveyed well the mood of the haiku.

Sailajamithra said...


Alan Summers said...

This is one of my favourite haiku, love the artwork! ;-)