April 10, 2010

E-book project 3

I was doing a spring cleaning of my computer, and happened to find an old pdf file of "A Dozen Tongues 2000". This little booklet was my first involvement with haiku, and consequently with haiga. I did the cover graphic, and line drawings within the book. Jim Kacian, the publisher of this booklet, has givnen me the permission to upload the book on the web for general reading.

At the last page of the booklet, you can find young me. The photo was taken at my friend's garden near Forrest, Virginia. If you look close, I wear a pin on my coat. It is the breast cancer research stamp, made into a pin. It was given to me by the artist who did the artwork for the stamp( http://whitneysherman.com/index.php?/work/spStamp/). I visited her in Baltimore before I went to Virginia.

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