April 15, 2010

Haiga 326

Here is a haiga with my own haiku.

The haiga eBook is finally on sale. Since it is an eBook, I set a reasonably low price. Hope you all enjoy.
Haiga eBook "wind"
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Gillena Cox said...

enjoyed the humour in this one
On a vacation to Lond during the 1990's i saw the wax form of Picasso at Madam Tussad's Wax Gallery

here's one of my Picassos posting at my blog archived atAugust 6th 2009

Congratulations on your E-book

much love

kuni_san said...

Good paintings have innate quality, something unseen that arises from the picture plane. Poetry, haiku and such have the similar quality between the lines. I call it poetic content. Without it, you do not want to come back to the works again to further appreciate.
In my haga, I try to capture the quality from haiku, and plant it in the visual image.