May 20, 2010

a bilingual magazine

I just got an email, announcing the publication of "Red Leaves"
"Red Leaves #001 — first edition of the world's only English-language / Japanese bi-lingual literary journal — is back from the printers, and it's exciting us, the editorial team, to no minor or subdued degree! To celebrate, we're representing and selling copies of RL #001 at the 2010 Emerging Writers' Festival, through the Festival's annual Page Parlour event, at the Atrium in Federation Square, Melbourne City, this Sunday, the 23rd of May, from 1 - 5pm.
Red Leaves spans a glorious 360+ pages, and contains new and original bi-lingual work from Toby Litt, Iris Yamashita, Nathaniel Rich, Keiji Minato, Nicholas Hogg, Eric Yoshiaki Dando, Patrick Holland, Hirofumi Sugimoto, David F. Hoenigman, Kenji Siratori, Mandy Ord, Kuniharu Shimizu, Travis Jeppesen and fifteen others."

I see my name listed as a contributors.
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