May 26, 2010

Haiga 339

Haiku by Alenka Zorman, Slovenia. Alenka wrote a series of haiku by the sea. I received the batch and was thinking how I should go about visualizing them. I could have made haiga for each haiku separately, but I tried something experimental. I made a selection of haiku from the batch and made one artwork that fits the mood of the selected haiku.

I sent the haiga to Alenka san on May 25, which Alenka san later informed me was a Day of Youth, a festive day celebrated every year in Slovenia.

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Gillena Cox said...

nice approach

much love

Alan Summers said...

A great way to display haiku in a haiga. Very original.

Alan’s Area 17 blog

kuni_san said...

I am happy with the solution. Thanks for your comments.

Alenka said...

Kuni san,

Warmest thanks! You've made two friends happy :).

Sorry for being so late. For one day I am back home (from the seaside), leaving for Croatia again, in a few hours.

All my best,