May 16, 2010

Haiga e-book 4 "Life"

I just added my 4th haiga ebook. It's titled "Life", and contains 87 haiga. Check out my bookstore.

In four ebooks, there are 301 haiga all together. These are my best selections, and are my visual attempts to explore the possibility of the modern haiga.

My haiga books are available here:
Haiga eBook "wind", "water" and "light"
Also available at Hamburge Haiku Verlag
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Alan Summers said...

Great series, looking forward to more in the series too!

all my very best,


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kuni_san said...

Haiga eBook "Oku no Hosomichi" by Basho is on the way.

Alan Summers said...

I can't wait! ;-) I've been looking forward to this one. ;-)

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