August 12, 2010

Haiga 367

Haiku by myself. Photo is by Abby Elliott. I found this photo via Twitter. The photo has certain mood but seems not strong enough to be independent. Adding some words of haiku to it seems to help. Together, photo+haiku, it is now sound and strong, I think. Light from window, interior, frames remind me of painter Vermeer's small paintings, hence the haiku.
Haiku masters like Basho and Buson included in their haiku allusions of classic Japanese and Chinese literature. They had no knowledge of the western artistic tradition, which I know some, hence the haiku again.


Ernesto y Felisa said...

Really very beatiful homage to Veermer.
I also like very much the photograph...
Thanks for share with

Poet in Residence said...

Yes, a lovely piece.

kuni_san said...

I always like the scene where light comes in from the window.This photo is a nice one in that sense, though i prefer side lights.