August 19, 2010

Haiga 372

Haiku by myself. I have seen long-exposed photos of stars before, but this one is different, which intrigued me. I cannot figure out what the burning thing in the lift bottom corner. Still, it is interesting, though. Anyway, this photo remained me of a painting by a great painter, van Gogh.


Ernesto y Felisa said...

good night Vincent,
We continue looking at the stars
but we haven't your vantage point

kuni_san said...

I guess Vincent did paintings to calm down his inner turmoil.

Alan Summers said...


Dear Kuni,

Have you ever looked into Pinhole Photography? I think you would love it.

Japan Pinhole Photographic Society
"Nihon Hariana Shashin Kyokai"

all my very best,

The With Words International Online Haiku Competition 2010: weblink to competition page

Alan Summers said...

Not van Gogh, but Monet, and being inspired seeing haystacks in Italy, France and England just like the ones in his many paintings.

van Gogh is still my favourite artist though.

Monet's Haystacks
a group of crows tug
at twilight

Alan Summers
Asahi Shimbun online
August 20th 2010

kuni_san said...

Alan san, thx for the link to pinhole site. I did not know this thing was so big (domestic as well as international organization are formed to promote it).

Alan Summers said...

I think you will be fascinated by pinhole photography both in Japan and in Britain.

Philip Gross just won the Wales Book of the Year for his poetry plus pinhole photography.

2010 With Words Haiku Competition: weblink

Eric Leslie said...

That spinning flame is made with steel wool. It will actually take a flame when small current is applied to it. So people will attach the wool to a chain, touch a 9-volt battery to it and swing it around making the affect you see in this shot.

kuni_san said...

Eric san: Thanks for the technical info. Very interesting. Might try it myself.