September 28, 2010

Haiga 397

Haiku by myself. Photo is by Kyle Merriman. Kyle took this photo in Kyoto, Japan. This path is in the area called Sagano, the western rim of Kyoto city. I frequented the area in the past, when I was young, when I had a lot things in my mind to think about.


Ernesto y Felisa said...

yes, this haiga hide a great true.
Always is more important the way that the arrival.
Very beautiful photo.
Have a good day.

kuni_san said...

This is a kind of path you want to walk alone. There are already enough natural elements, like bamboo tress, breeze, sunlight, and such, to accompany you.

Alenka said...

How true. My husband climbs a hill twice, while I do it once. I admire nature, take photographs etc. etc. I enjoy the forest silence. We meet at the top. The path is called "Old Narrow Road/ Path" :).

Last Sunday we climbed that hill.

time for Sunday mass
my rosary: a string
of wood berries

I don't know the name of the (red) berries of a plant (a creeper) hanging from a tree.