October 14, 2010

Haiga 406

Haiku and artwork by myself on miners rescue in Chili. A great work of humanity.

Not a bird, not a fish,
I am meant to walk
in the sun


Devika said...

Fantastic haiga, Kuni san :)

And i loved the note, and The Sun, CANNOT not be personified either, though people are better off than a fish and bird....in terms of hold light for humanity,

Good day to you, and I have seen the work at Alan Summer's too - this has been a learning blog for me :)


Devika said...

I forget to say always...Its your art that makes the haiga...so interesting :)


Poet in Residence said...

a view of planet Earth from the horizon of the dark side of the moon and the story of the 33 'mineros' all rescued after 2 months in undergound darkness - both wonderful achievements of man, both examples of what mankind can achieve, and both hope for the future - to combine the two scenes in one haiga is really quite magical

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Devika has said everything, marvellous haiga.
Congrats Kuni-san

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for nice comments. The word is, they will make a movie of the Chili rescue. I look forward to that.

Gillena Cox said...

a momentous haiga, capsuling the plight of many, and the love of even so many more

much love