November 27, 2010

Haiga 430

Haiku by myself. Photo is from a series by on N. Korea.

I was reading about meteorite. The meteorite seems to "fall" to the earth, but acutually, the earth's gravitiy is pulling it to the earth from the outer space, just like a baby is pulled out of mom's womb. We casually use the word "fall", but what is really happening is being pulled. Newton found it out by watching an appple fall from the tree.
"Fall" seems to have negative connotation, but there is really no "fall" in this world. Everything that falls is being pulled, to reach different and constructive stage. Even the falling leaves fall to pull out the new growth in the next season.
If you are experiencing fall of fate or fortune, you are at the same time experiencing the new aspect being pulled out. You only need to notice it.


Poet in Residence said...

A long winter indeed - and the thaw seems further away than ever.

kuni_san said...

After knowing all the difficulties, and express it in different but alluding words is one art of haiku. Haiku and senryu were ways of expression to alleviate whatever the thing that is occupying your mind, be they good or bad.

Henrique Pimenta said...

o amor pula



Alan Summers said...

I love both the haiku and the photograph.

Alan, With Words