December 17, 2010

Haiga 451 Shortest haiku yet

S. O. S.
Shortest haiku and artwork by myself.
I made this illustration many years ago. Thought about adding a haiku to it to make a haiga. Then I noticed "SOS", said to myself, "Hey, this could be something resembling haiku".


Harley King said...

Cute! I like it.

kuni_san said...

One winter night, I heard a faint sobbing from my backyard. When I went out to check, i spotted a gleaming thing on the grass. As I cautiously neared, I found a injured little star, looking up at me with a tearful face.

Gabi Greve, my nengajo said...

It could be the globe, with an SOS above it ...

Your comment is lovely !

All the best for the coming new Year


kuni_san said...

Yeah, right. On a lot of things, "sos" is blinking.
Greeting to you too, Gabi san and all