December 26, 2010

Haiga 459

Haiku by Jim Kacian. Artwork by myself.

This is one of the early haiga of mine. Jim is the first foreign haijin I met in person. Before the time when I took up haiku and haiga, Jim approached me via email, asking me to do a cover and inside drawings for his "Twelve Tongues" haiku anthology booklet. He later visited me in my hometown during his world-wide haiku tour. I learned from him situations of haiku scene in both Japan and the world, especially USA. This was like more than 10 years ago so we go way back. I met him a couple of times after that meeting, at haiku getherings and such. See the image of computer. It is one of Mac early version.


BAR DO BARDO said...

Muito bom!

Alan Summers said...

Love it!

Here's a haiku I had published this Christmas:

snowed in again
I watch the streetlamps glow
and dream of Narnia

Blithe Spirit vol.20 no.4 (2010)

Alan’s Area 17 blog