December 7, 2010

Tokyo stay haibun 2

I was a bit in a rush this morning for I had to catch a certain train to be on time for an appointment. I run down the staircase and jumped in the train. As I tried catching my breath, I let my gaze swim around the car. Something was different, something was unusual. I saw there were only female passengers in the car. Then I realized that I had mistakenly caught the women only car. I instinctively turned around to face the door to hide myself, but of course you can not hide your presence that way. Feeling tens of unfriendly stares on my back, I remained in the pose and wished hard the train would arrive at the next station soon so I can switch the car.

Ladies' toilet,
going in is ok but
going out takes some guts


Devika said...

The troubles after being a good boy? :)

that was kidding, Kuni-san...have been reading all; but this reminds an instance when my father jumped into my sister's college bus as the bus started -- its a ladies only public bus -- and my sister was narrating how the girls made so much of a fuss!....i have my account of stories for being absent minded, sometimes :)

haibun is an interesting form; i love it -- this was unusual topic, though matter of fact,


kuni_san said...

I guess everybody has similar experiences. Haibun is like a diary where you can jot down everyday things. I like it, too.