January 21, 2011

"Baker's Dozen" arrived

Long waited anthology finally arrived today.
"The Baker's Dozen the Cole Foundation Collection: Volume 3"
Cole san also enclosed "Vol. 1 and 2", plus" Paul and Papa - Innocence and Emotions, Poems for the Generations"

Vol.3, in which my haiku and haibun are included, is a handsome book. It is about the letter size and thick, but light enough to hold in hands. Inside pages are nicely layouted, easy on the eyes. There are so many poems to read. Sure will be my bed side companion for a while.

Dr. Harris "Cole" Vernick- Cole Foundation Editor
Maxene A. Alexander- Executive Editor
Yvonne Marie Crain- Senior Editor
Vivienne L. Harding- Managing Editor
I thank you all for the wonderful publication.


OldSchoolHaiku said...


Devika said...

Congratulations Kuni-san :)


kuni_san said...

Thank you, you two.
My haiku and haibun, the good ones I suppose, are all included in this anthology. Good book to me.

Alan Summers said...

Congratulations! It looks like a great book to immerse in.

Alan, With Words