January 5, 2011

Haiga 468 Alan Pizzarelli haiku

Haiku by Alan Pizzarelli of USA. Artwork by myself.
I often see some resemblance between Alan's haiku and Santoka ones. For this haiga, I used the similar bamboo branch as the one of haiga 463, Santoka haiku.
Santoka was a monk with little money, but somehow he managed to get some sake drink. If he were to go snow viewing, he certainly would have brought a bottle of sake along. And in case of Alan, one or two cigaretts perhaps.


Devika said...

Santoka...i've read some...and nice haiku, Kuni-san :)

I often have wondered what would be the intoxicant for women poets...it is often poetry itself?
I mean those who were not taken to alcoholics and cigarattes...

Poetry itself is an intoxicant,


Devika said...

the use of bamboo branch adds a new dimension to the haiga :)


kuni_san said...

Agree. Poetry is indeed an intoxicant. A source of inspiration for me, too.
In Santoka's case, alcohol was one of the causes that eventually killed him. Poor guy.