January 11, 2011

Haiga 472 Polona Oblak haiku

Haiku by Polona Oblak. Artwork by myself.
Polona sent to me a batch of haiku the other day. She was away from haiku for a while but decided to return. I made a number of haiga for her before, and to welcome her return, I made a new one.

Those who wishes haiga collaboration with me, feel free to send a batch. I need more than ten to fifteen haiku to work with.
Until some years ago, I net-surfed extensively to approach haijins and to find haiku to work with, but I no longer have the energy, so I need to be approached now.


Devika said...

Polona is my friend, too...I love her work...and so happy that you celebrate her return with a haiga...lovely work, Kuni-san :)


polona said...

many thanks again, Kuni san. this has a special meaning... i saw a great egret just before the new year.

and hi devika - nice to see you here :)

kuni_san said...

Glad yo like it. Only one haiga materialized. That's all I can do for now.

Devika said...

Hi Polona...sometimes I don't get the mail followups here....hence the delay :)

thanks Kuni-san,


Alan Summers said...

Wonderful haiku and artwork!