February 11, 2011

Snow ginko and haiga special

During the lunch hour, I set out again into snow. I meant it to be just a casual snap-shooting walk, but there were so many interesting scenes, my walk zigzaged. When I reach the foot of mountains, my leather shoes were all drenched wet. I kept on going till I reached the thicket of an old Shinto shrine (Yamanobe-no-Michi Trail, oldest path in Japan, passes through there). My steps became easy for most of the snow stayed on the tangle of tall tree branches. Here and there, the branches gave and shower of powder snow fell. It was like momentary waterfall.

On snowy day,
bushwarblers the bird
of Spring colors



amoz1939 said...

my deepest admiration

Alan Summers said...

Wonderful images and poetry!

Here's a couple of recent snow haiku plus one back to 1999.

tilting at the world
the late morning finds
a smaller snowman

Alan Summers
Publications credits:
Blithe Spirit vol.20 no.4 (2010)

snowed in
I watch the streetlamps
and dream of Narnia

Alan Summers
Publications credits:
Blithe Spirit vol. 20 no. 4 (2010)

floating snowflakes -
the triple caw of a crow
within the tree

Alan Summers
Publications credits:
Snapshots six (1999); Watermark: a poet's notebook (2004); Mainichi Shimbun (2008)

all my best,

Alan’s Area 17 blog

Alenka said...

Beautiful, indeed.

The photo of rose in snow reminds me of one of mine:


melting snowman
his carrot on the ground
still fresh


Alenka said...

Sorry, too long URL in my previous comment - perhaps this one will go through:


kuni_san said...

Thanks for sharing nice snow haiku. Snow is probably one of the most common themes used in haiku. It is so inspirational.

tom said...

These are all lovely. The snow ginko was my favorite -but I like all of them (photos and haiku)