March 30, 2011

Future Japanese--our children

Artwork by myself.

My daughter and her kids (two boys, 5 and 2) are visiting us now. They reside near Tokyo, where living has become a bit inconvenient for a young family after the disaster in the north. There are aftershocks, too, It is in the spring break for kindergarten now so I suggested her to come over to have a little break.

I made this artwork from a photograph of the older kid in a hope that his life would be blessed with a lot of good fruits.
It is difficult to foresee what this land, where he lives, is going to be like. It will not be the same as before. The downsides in every aspects of life will continue for a while. For the future Japanese, our children, we grown-ups need to exert our utmost effort to rebuild the stage so they will be able to exert their effort to make this land even a better place to live.

When I visited Nairobi slum, Kenya, I wrote this haiku:

Kenyan stars glitter
in the sky
in children's eyes


Alan Summers said...

Beautiful artwork. A lot of harsh lessons will be learnt, but I feel something extraordinary will come out via the children of Japan, as they become adults.


Devika said...

Beautiful art, Kuni-san, and loved the sakura haiga too,

children are the future and hope of any country, but hard to see they face such calamities-- always, always its the older to provide strength and direction -- but Japan will overcome much
faster than any nation --


Gillena Cox said...

love the artwork; in the resilence of the children the survival of Japan;

much love...

Gabi Greve, Kenya Saijiki said...

many children of the slums of Kenya write haiku ... visit them please.
My friend Isabelle teaches them.