March 26, 2011

Haiga 553 Funeral haiga

Haiku and artwork by myself.

Lots and lots of death, lots and lots of missing.
Though the numbers climbing every day, there is great sorrow for each case.
Sorrow deepens by the fact that there is not enough proper ways to send the deceased; no place to hold funeal, no flowers to solace the deceased and survived, not enough cremation facility.

Two weeks, and there are still more than 17,000 unaccounted for, more than 10,000 deceased.

His life, and then
her life gone . . .
distant fireworks

I believe in rebirth. It may not be a thought of comfort for now, but people will reborn, and will begin new life on this land. So, those survived must stand firm to reconstruct this land for the new lives to come.

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Alan Summers said...

A tough subject, and I hope the radiation danger is finally fixed before long so full restoration can begin in earnest.

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