March 8, 2011

Haiga 533 Mizuhara Shuoshi haiku 2

Haiku by Mizuhara, Shuoshi. Artwork by myself.
Kiku is chrysanthemum in English, but English name is too long so I used the Japanese name. There are many variety of kiku, in size, shape, and color. I picked the kiku with round shaped, with a fullness, because it seems to really glow itself.
The literal translation of the original haiku is something like this: winter kiku / wearing on it / its own light. I was not sure about word "wear", if suitable or not, so I did not use this version.


daphnepurpus said...

Just magnificent!

Alan Summers said...

I echo what daphne says. ;-)


Devika said...

here the art was superb, Kuni-san...just so :)