March 13, 2011

How we are now--visually expressed 1

This is my artwork. I made it sometime ago but it seems to show visually how we Japanese are now. Interpretations are up to you.

Among countless numbers of tweets, I found one saying a man was rescued more than 10 miles (15km) offshore. He had been pulled so far out to sea by the tsunami.


assneg said...

Expressing emotions is the best way to release the pent up feelings.

The Art makes it easier...

Best wishes, Agnieszka

Alan Summers said...

Wonderful artwork, and is very expressive.

I'm working at home so I can keep track of developments and pleased that so far 2000 people have been saved, but dismayed that the army thinks ten thousand people may have perished.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Japan.


Alan Summers said...

In respect of the potential number of people being ten thousand who have lost their lives, I proffer this haiku.

first quarter moon
dancing pinheads burst
into new angel DNA

Alan Summers

My deepest condolences to every single living person in Japan, and to every single lost Japanese man, woman or child, who I hope reside in a less terrifying place, or at least in all our hearts.


kuni_san said...

Thank you, Alan san, for your kind words.
As the day passes, the effect of the earthquake is not confined in the afflicted areas, but spreading wide, including Tokyo. Electricity, gasoline, food, and things in general are in short supply.