April 3, 2011

Haiga 558 A.C. Missias haiku

Haiku by A.C. Missias. Artwork by myself.

Wake up in a morning, the sun's up, your day begins.
Usual routine occupies most of your day, and an uneventful day ends.
Just another day.

In the TV interviews at evacuees' camps, I hear everybody wishing that the normal life before will return soon. For those affected by the disaster, "just another day" is the most precious thing now.

That we are able to lead everyday life in normal condition is actually the blessing, the most wonderful gift.
We must not forget about it, and always keep appreciative mind to it.


Marilyn said...

This is very beautiful - and yes, a normal day if truly a gift.

Devika said...

as one who delights in ordinary things, I agree with Marilyn...and a beautiful haiga, Kuni-san :)


Alan Summers said...

A sheer joy to look at!