April 6, 2011

Haiga 560 Kuniahru Shimizu haiku

Haiku and artwork by myself.

So much and so many were lost and being lost. Besides the damage at the directly affected sites, the aftershocks of the event slowly spreading out to many segments of society as a whole. The affected regions had many factories that produce products for automobile and train, computer, printing paper and ink, building materials, foods, electricity, and what not. The loss of these products is affecting not only domestically but internationally.

It is as if a body called Japan is afflicted somewhere near its heart and it is affecting from the top of head to the tip of foot fingers, and neighbors are all worried.
Considering the magnitude of affliction, recuperating will take time, even with well-known Japanese efficiency. We all will need to share the pain of rehabillitation process, too. Slowly but surely we will go.


Devika said...

Touching haiga, Kuni-san...yes, surely the nation will come out of it....we had a minor quake the day before in the North -- no casualities but very unsettling -


Gillena Cox said...

exquisite haiga; the haibun text is poignant and hopeful; God bless Japan

much love...

Toni Piccini said...

this image, a masterpiece

Alan Summers said...

We can only wish you good luck and do something in our own small way to help.

God Bless you, and Japan as a whole.

Alan, With Words

laughing granny said...

You say it all, Kunisan, in few words, in few strokes. Thank you.

kuni_san said...

Some pieces would be patched up, most won't. But, new shells will be born. That is a good side of this world.