April 15, 2011

Haiga 565 Utsuyoshi Endo haiku - haiku from north

Haiku by Utsuyoshi Endo. Artwork and English translation by myself.

Mr. Endo lives in Yamagata Prefecture. He is a board member of a nation wide organization of small commerce and industry. Though Yamagata escaped direct damage by the earthquake, the area where many of Endo's friends and fellow members run business did not. He's been busy frequenting the disaster areas to push forward the restoration activities.

I happened to find Endo's blog, while I was searching haiku from the disaster area. Endo san is a haijin also, and writing haiku in the middest of restoration activities. He's agreed to publish his haiku here on my blog.


Devika said...

Very effective artwork for the haiga, Kuni-san :)


paul_martingeorge said...
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Alan Summers said...


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