April 20, 2011

Haiga 568 Matsuo Basho haiku - Rice Planting

Haiku by Matsuo Basho. Artwork by myself.
This haiga is from my haiga ebook "Narrow Road to the Deep North". Basho wrote this haiku just when he stepped into the northern region. The square shape in the haiga is from kanji for rice patch "Ta".

North-eastern region of Japan has rich farmlands, producing quite a bit of rice there. Now that most of the areas have been flooded with sea water after the devastating tsunami, farmers cannot start the usual planting procedures this year; salt covered lands are no longer suitable for rice, unless extensive repairs are done. There will be no song for planting rice for quite a while. Sad, indeed.


Devika said...

Sad how the protracted effects of the disaster affect life -- hope Basho's beautiful farm land is restored soon,

The haiga is beautiful, Kuni-san, -- at our place too, we used to have farming community (both men and women) sing folksongs while planting -- these days, only few know the songs,


kuni_san said...

Singing songs makes labor fun. It's an universal thing, I think.

Devika said...

yes Kuni-san -- farmers would sing so loud...and we used to join -- it was fun :)

But talk of our offices i was asked not to hum -- (has this habit, well only in my cabin)-- guess they just didn't like people handling work happily...

Now, some of the offices play centralised soothing music -- taking advice from spiritual gurus and managemnet consultants saying music can ease work pressure,


Alan Summers said...

Terrific haiga!

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