April 24, 2011

Haiga 572 John Stevenson haiku - body

Haiku by John Stevenson. Artwork by myself.
John is one of the haijins I collaborated with in my early days in haiga making. John often writes unique haiku, or rather senryu, and always a delight for me to challenge visualizing what he wrote.

Having read this haiku, we become aware thus that so much of what we do in daily life depend on the normal condition of the body, which we tend to take for granted. Being able to see, hear, eat, breath, work, walk, and so on. There are so many to give thanks to each day.

What frightens me about the nuke problem is that the invisible radiation prevents or makes it very difficult to conduct all of these actions we normally do with much ease.


A.Thiagarajan said...

In small bunches
the leaves fall-
new ones again
to fall again-
the pain real
the pleasure real
for each
at each instant

Alan Summers said...

John Stevenson is one of my favourite haiku writers! ;-)

Here's my review of his award-winning collection: Live Again

all my best,


kuni_san said...

Thanks, Alan san. I might make some haiga from the batch.