May 6, 2011

Haiga 580 Casimiro de Britto haiku - a balloon

Haiku by Casimiro de Britto of Portugal. Artwork by myself.
This haiga is another one I made for Dimitar Anakiev's anti-war haiku anthology. The interpretation of what the ballon symbolizes is up to you. Things I noticed are that a balloon, when seen from outside, looks attractive, with all the fancy color and design. Inside, however, is hollow, no content but just air or some type of gas. It pops easily or deflates within a few days. It is inflated and looks big but is actually a small little thing.

I met Casimiro several times in the past. He is an established poet and the head of Pen in Portugal. This is maybe my bias but he is a typical Latin man; each time we met, he was with different girl friend. That means he is an attractive man, and I have that impression. He is more known as a poet, often rumored as a candidate of Nobel Prize for literature, but he loves haiku also and have written many, which are often quite poetic and philosophical.


Devika said...

very fun picture, Kuni-san...literally balloons symbolises festivity, and children do go crazy with that...even i get excited to see balloons flying high --it lifts the spirit if only for a while...but yes, in an anti-war with "all of earth" context, the haiku could be read in other ways....balloon could represent the transience of the very objective of war?

The poet - i might need to search for his poetry, i don't think i've read,


Alan Summers said...

I really like the haiku and the artwork.

This has real depth.

Alan, With Words